On rainy days

This Summer has been an unusually slow one here is sunny South Carolina. Every season, by late April, the sun has darkened our skin, lightened our hair, and brightened our eyes. However, this year, Summer seems unwilling to make an appearance. The rain is relentless. The cloudy skies, and the pitter patter of rain on roofs has forced us to retreat indoors. There is something to be said for these long lazy days. The rain seems to be a reminder from Mother Earth to take things one step at a time. It tells us to slow our lives for a moment, to linger in bed, and to turn our thoughts inward. It gives us a chance to focus on one another instead of the constantly moving world around us.  While I am restless for lemonade on the porch and the feeling of the sun pulsing on my back, I have found a solitude in these days. The rain brings with it an inspiration that can be find nowhere else. And who doesn’t love a quiet morning sipping coffee as raindrops crawl down the window?




3 thoughts on “On rainy days

  1. Rain is a love/hate relationship with me. I enjoy being inside watching a nice movie, but I hate when it rains on a day I want to go out. But the morning after is always filled with beauty 🙂 Great post and awesome pictures.

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