Summer Temptations

Today the sun finally decided to peek out at us! It isn’t here to stay yet, it seems to be wondering “should I stay or should i go”? as it looks out at us from under the clouds. But nevertheless, these few moments of sunshine are bliss! They’ve given me time to water plants, indulge in popsicles, and grab a few nice shots of the native flora and fauna (including my rascal of a hound). Today feels like the perfect day to break out some Jack Johnson and start scheming of Summer escapades. Summer to me screams of adventure. In the light of clear skies, or under the cover of sparkling warm nights, anything could be possible. As a child, Summer gave me way too much time to dream. It filled my head with the idea of wild adventure. It made my skin crawl to hop out my window those quiet nights to encounter all those deadly wonders the world is built of. Even now I still feel that itch to run into the night. That is the part of me that is unwilling to ever grow old.






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