We are all Gods

Odd ideas can come to one’s mind on long drives home. As one looks out the window at the ink black night sky, blurs and shadows flying by as if they hold very little significance, it is easy for one to become inspired. The other night me and my loved one found ourselves discussing eternity, and what happens when you die. Something stirred in me that night, and I immediately had to write my thoughts down. (Disclaimer: These are just musings, and are best viewed as nothing more than a short story of sorts)

We are all Gods.

Every one of us. Every soul. Long ago, all there was in the whole of the universe, was our souls. There have never been any more or less souls than there were at the beginning. We are never created and we are never destroyed. And all life starts with the souls. Everything that walks, swims, flies, thinks, feels, and lives, is composed of a soul.

In the beginning we were separated in a way, but we were more the same. We all hoped for a world, where we could learn and pass the time. And our collective will and desire created the universe. A mind is a powerful tool, and if all the universe conspires to an idea, that idea will become the reality. And so it did.

And the God split itself, we split ourselves  and inhabited bodies. We were no longer one God, we became individuals each with our own thoughts and feelings and wants. When we separated ourselves, we confined ourselves to live within the world we had created. Now our will was no longer one, and our conflicting desires would not have the power alone to change the world as we once had.

And so we were separated  Perhaps we did this randomly, perhaps we went in the direction we were pulled, but our bodies were our vehicles in which to explore this new universe with. We were given the form of microbes, vegetation, amoebae, anything that lives was possible.

And when our bodies died, our souls were then to return to the vastness of the universe for a time. We were reclaimed to rest, and to watch over life and what we had created. We might gaze upon the whole of the universe; see everything all at once. Or we might choose to see nothing for a time. This was what we would call ‘death’. And when our soul was ready, it would be rejoined with the physical world.

And as if we had awoken from a coma, or a long slumber, we would reawaken, with little but a shaky remembrance of our last life, the vague feeling of something far away. And as we continued on our new life, we forgot more of our past. They say children are the most in touch with God- children have not completely forgotten their last life. Children have not shaken wholy the lessons of their last life- they understand things that we cannot understand in the eve of our lives.

Our biggest responsibility as we go through our lives, is to nurture the universe. Because we are all connected, we have a duty to be not only kind to other lives, but to help life prevail- to constantly strive in pursuit of the better-ment of the universe and to aid other souls in their journey through time.



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