The Sound of Sunshine and Sweet Nights

There’s no denying that Summertime has a musical quality to it. The words and sensations that Summer evokes just beg to be strung into a song. These Summer-songs are perfect for driving through the country with the windows down, and they empower one with a sense of freedom and limitless possibilities. The kind of songs that just emit the feel of sunshine through their very sound waves.

1. Jack Johnson

It is easiest to start with Jack because he is the embodiment of Summer itself (ok that might be a bit of a stretch). But he’s got that mellow sound that comes from living in Hawaii I am sure. His surfer lifestyle really comes through in his music, and his is the first sound that comes to my mind when Summer air rolls in. If you are unfamiliar with him a few good songs would be:

  • To the Sea
  • Banana Pancakes
  • Traffic in the Sky
  • Tomorrow Morning

But that is just a few. Pretty much any of his music is perfect for Summer. I highly recommend it.


2. Dave Matthews

He and Jack Johnson often get thrown into the same musical arena, but Dave Matthews has a more folk-vibe if you ask me. Dave Matthews is my current obsession, and his music, while some of it does have a definite Summer feel, can be easily transitioned into Fall. A few good songs to check out for Summer:

  • Everyday
  • Satellite
  • Lie in Our Graves

3. Train- Get to Me

I listen to this song a lot while I am in the car, it’s just perfect for traveling, and for me atleast, it has a Midwest kind of feel to it. One of those songs I can push replay 3 or 4 times on without getting tired of it.

4. Hootie and The Blowfish- Hannah Jane

Hootie has so many  great Summer songs, Hannah Jane is merely one of them. I would also suggest Only Wanna Be With You. Great songs to be sung with the one you love.

5. Slightly Stoopid- Sweet Honey

Despite their laughable band name, they are just so  talented. They have a pervading beachy feel that runs through most of their songs, but Sweet Honey particularly so. A sweet little song that can get me dancing in a single beat.


6. Thomas Cunningham- Swell

A talented young guy, when I see videos of him seeing I am always shocked by just how young and laid back he is. But he sings a playful tune perfect for partying on the beach or really…for any time in the sun. However, this song does cause the tapping of feet, bobbing of heads, and swinging of hips. It has a sound you just have to move to.

7. Matt and Kim- Daylight

There’s not much to be said about this song. Just listen to it while your in the car on the way to some adventure, then you’ll get why its on this list.

8. Stop Light Observation- Circadian Rhythm

Such a talented band! There an up and coming local band here in the South. I saw them in concert once and they stole the show. A powerful song  sung with amazing voice.


9. Dirty Heads

I found the dirty heads while browsing through the used CD section of the only music store left in my town. If I had to label them, I would tell you they are street-inspired-beach-alternative. A pretty unique blend of music, most closely related to Slightly Stoopid. They sing with soul, and the tides pulse in their music. To ease into their sound I would try:

  • Stand tall
  • Lay Me Down (I believe this song was actually on the charts a few years back…)


11. 311- Amber

Last but not least- this song is just perfection. It takes me away to another place. Perfect for any occasion,but it definitely would slow your pace down a few beats. Particularly sweet song for early evening as the sun is falling down the horizon line.


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