Watercolor Creations

I think human’s have an obsession with the idea of creation. We carry out  this idea in a variety of different fashions, but we all seem to want to leave our mark on the world in some sort of physical and tangible way. I think this is the main function of art- to leave a legacy, to imprint an idea of some sort on the world.


Me and my boyfriend spent the better part of a day exploring creation through watercolor paints. This took him a lot of time and he put so much of his effort into it. It was his first time in years experimenting with color and I would say it is a success. He was inspired by those ancient trees I discussed in an older post, and this one is a Bristlecone Pine. He named this one “The Keeper of TIme”.

blue bird

Lately more often than not when I set my brush to paper I find myself creating birds. I am not sure why they have been inspiring me so much, but their form is undeniably beautiful.

prehistoric bird

Another bird, upon completion I found that this one seemed kind of prehistoric, my first time ever painting moss….but on the whole I like this little fella. Not quite sure what to name him though.


Although I do like most aspects of this painting, I messed up the poor buck’s nose. Alas, he wouldn’t do very good in the wild, his sense of smell would be seriously disabled.

I’m an amateur in the artistic world, but my time spent painting often contains my most serene and satisfying hours of the day.

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