Dreaming of Adventure

More than a few times a day I find my mind drifting to the thought of adventure. When I was a child I daydreamed of dragons, fairies, mermaids, mountains that touched the sky, and secret hidden worlds. While I may have given up on these fantasies, I am still young enough to hold that promise of adventure deep in my heart. But how is one to embark on an adventure in a world riddled with responsibility and tainted with the mundane? This may be romantic of me, but it seems as if the natural world holds the secrets to adventure. Where could I find such a feeling of overwhelming beauty other than sitting bare legged on the grass of a mountainside, looking out on the deepest red and orange hues of a sunset? Only the untouched waters of a stream could possess rejuvenating powers that could push through skin, and bone, and cleanse the soul. The highest feeling of freedom comes from the bursting and screaming of the lungs as one runs with all possible strength through a cool and damp night. The years hidden under the rough bark of a tree, tell a story no man can rival.  Modern life is so riddled with distractions, times to keep, sites to check, information to gather, there is no time for self discovery, and certainly no time for adventure. In our hectic schedules, have we forgotten to pencil in time to learn of ourselves? I never feel more at peace, than when I close my eyes, lay in the sun, and listen to the wind rustle through the leaves of trees. And when I listen, I hear the world calling me to explore. To find adventure is to listen to what whispers in your head, and to run after it into the unknown.





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