Does anyone have any good advice?

The experience of starting a blog has been a very good one for me. I have always been a writer, however, I have a hard time finding the motivation to finish a piece of writing. Blogging has given me the writing outlet that I need. For me, short term goals such as “finish this blog post”, work better than long term responsibilities. As I have begun searching around this site I have stumbled upon many  inspiring blogs that have obviously been given a lot of thought and attention. So I would like to know, does anyone have any advice for me as a new blogger? Any thoughts on getting more views, writing a better post, improving the experience of those that visit my blog, or any other pieces of knowledge? I would really appreciate the comments and advice guys. Thank you tons!!

Love, Victoria Anne


2 thoughts on “Does anyone have any good advice?

  1. I’m not blog king but what Ive learned is to just write about what you want. Some people seem to write with the idea in that mind, that the particular subject will garner more views. I like to write because I have things to say, and if people read them good, if not…oh well.

    • I think that is a good point and I will keep that in mind. I think a person’s writing is definitely more genuine if they write about something they actually care about rather than what they think others care about. Thank you so much for your insight and I will surely check out your blog 🙂

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