Food Truck Adventures

Today was a special day in Charleston, the day of the annual Food Truck Rodeo. For some, food trucks may have a stigma of being cheap, dirty, and having sub par food- but let me tell you, this is wrong. From Creole and gourmet desserts, to Vietnamese cuisine, so many food styles were represented.

The first truck we stopped at was a Creole truck. They had Po boys, Jumbalaya, gator nuggets, and all sorts of spicy seafood. (and a mac n cheese dish with crawfish)

creole food truck

So we decided to try Crawfish poppers with a remolaude sauce. You may be saying “crawfish eh???”, especially if you are not from the South, but, these little guys taste a lot like shrimp and I would highly recommend them.

crawfish poppers

Next we went to Vietnam for some Peach Basil Green Tea. Basil in a cool drink is a winning idea. A bit of basil adds a hint of minty-crispness to an other wise completely fruity drink. The flavor is has more dimensions that way I think.

Auto Bahn food truck

So this is the Auto-Banh, interesting name for a Vietnamese food truck.

Auto Bahn menu

We also visited a truck dedicated entirely to traditional cake donuts, with interesting takes on icing. The one we decided to try was called the pink panther, and was made with strawberries and French champagne, can you say delicious or what?

holy city bbq and diggity donut

A shot of Diggity Doughnuts and The Holy City, a barbeque place and brewery (they also sponsor a beard and moustache contest in Charleston).

pink panther donut

And here are a few of the other food trucks….

dulce food truck

food truck with oven

A stone oven in a food truck, yeah pretty unexpected.

rocket dog food truck

Rocket Dog, specializing in traditional style hot dogs. This truck is *everywhere* and is locally famous.

outta my huevos food truck

If you ever get the opportunity, I would advise anyone to come visit Charleston; great food, good music, art, and history in abundance, and a waterfront view, just a beautiful little city. Also, who wouldn’t want to come to a town that holds such neat events like a Food Truck Rodeo?


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