Artistic Frustration

I have always been an artist at heart. I am passionate about art and the creation process. I love the feeling of bringing something new into existence, whether it be functional or aesthetic. I’ve been painting and drawing for a long time. I love the possibilities of your very own unlimited world on the paper. However, I’ve never felt as if it was exactly right for me. I’ve dabbled in sewing and decided also that this wasn’t my motive of expression. I have begun working with clay, I have a fascination with the duality of its beauty and practicality. But I am not right with clay, I don’t exactly understand how to make it into the right shapes and preserve its natural beauty. Lately, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with my inability to find an art form that just clicks with me. I feel this pent up desire to create and to release my thoughts and ideas into the world.  I continue to try new and newer methods of releasing this desire, but I am never struck with the rightness of a certain method. I keep expecting a moment of realization and connectedness with my work to occur, and each time that moment doesn’t come, I feel let down- like maybe I’ll never find a type of work that can be my own. Every person wants to discover not only what they are good at, but what they are made for. Does anyone else ever feel so impatient to learn what it is they are made for?


One thought on “Artistic Frustration

  1. You are gifted in so many areas and you keep getting better.
    “Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best. ” ~ Henry Van Dyke

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