Photography and Biking Adventures

So the other day I did my first ever biking/photo taking excursion! It was very hot out, but the feeling of the wind through your hair, coupled with my intense focus on not falling off the bike while lining up shots, made me forget all about the heat. You would think that biking and photography would not go well together, buuuut it was really quite a good combination. It was a challenge to keep my balance, more than once I found myself too focused on the camera, and not enough on steering straight, but my swerving all over the trail definitely made it more interesting for those around me.


So my first few tries turned out exactly how you would expect, just utterly blurry. I kind of like them none the less.

Aviary Photo_130159971305092230

These little guys are everywhere.

Aviary Photo_130159972574168832

Aviary Photo_130159974080432418

I can not resist taking at least one good sky-shot ❤

Aviary Photo_130159974648608883

This might be my favorite. Bikes are so photogenic.

Aviary Photo_130159975027077049

Aviary Photo_130159975491595928

Aviary Photo_130159976087491570

I had all but abandoned my bike after the age of 15, as most kids do once they learn to drive, but now I am coming to learn that it is an underrated mode of transportation. It has none of the frustrations of car traffic, but is effortless compared with walking. I’m going to enjoy taking my bike to further destinations in the future and rediscovering the serenity of long bike rides in breezy afternoons.


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