No Small Endeavors

no small endeavors

Although its not my best work, I decided to post this anyways.
The image of the bike came before the words, but as I began painting, thinking of what kind of surrounding to submerge this vintage bicycle in, these words popped into my head.

Yesterday, me and my loved one went on another biking adventure, one longer and farther than we’ve done before. We rode down to the main street of our town to grab some lunch and talk in the park.

This little adventure was crucial for us. Our relationship has been a cyclone of emotions as we mentally prepare ourselves for the changes coming in the next few months.

The phrase in this painting “there are no small endeavors” perfectly conveys my yesterday.

Although we often do not include the everyday occurrences in our idea of “adventure”, these things we accomplish, which seem so commonplace, little fears that are slowly suffocated by small acts of bravery, short terms goals that are steadily achieved: these moments are crucial. More crucial than we know.

When we think of adventure, we think of traveling to distant lands or climbing a mountain, sailing a boat around the world or looking for a criminal hidden deep within the recesses of a city.

But sometimes, it comes merely from accepting love into your life.
This really isn’t a “merely” situation after all.

As something I have always struggled with, I understand that allowing someone into your life, with no reservations, is no small endeavor.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for over two years, and he’s seen me go through a lot of changes already. He’s seen me deal with family problems, struggle with self confidence issues, he’s seen me early in the morning when I’ve yet to shower (not a beautiful sight), and he’s seen me in bouts of anger and bitterness that make me ashamed of myself.

And he loves me unabashedly.

It has taken me all this time to comprehend the fact that someone else could love me so purely and completely. When you, yourself, see little to love in you, its hard to accept what others may see.

And this adventure is not completed for me yet. It seems only fitting that an adventure so momentous last a lifetime.

Whether it be the decision to take a step back from the word with a bike ride, or the decision to accept love into your life, every endeavor is large in its own right.

Don’t waste time dreaming of adventure, when its sitting at your feet, waiting to be taken into your hands.



“I woke up before you did because the sun had already peaked through the window. The first thing I looked at was you. You were sleeping still, and looked so peaceful, and you were one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.”


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