Minimizing my life: Step One

Do you ever feel suffocated and confused for no definitive reason? Like all the responsibilities and time constraints are pulsing in the back of your mind like a bad headache? With the constant stream of information, technology, communication, and material possessions, its hard to not feel smothered. These things are blocking us off not only from one another, but also from the adventures that await us in the world.

For a long time now, I’ve had immense  amounts of negative energy surrounding me wherever I go. I’ve been discontent in my love life and my relationships. I’m unenthused at work. I feel agitated and easily confused. I’ve let bitterness and jealousy stand in the way of my own happiness.

Have you ever started talking to someone you really trust, and somewhere in the middle of speaking, a steady stream is created from your unconscious thoughts straight to your vocal chords, so that things you never even knew about yourself are suddenly formed into words? But once you say them out loud, its a revelation you can’t believe you didn’t come to sooner? That happened to me the other day.

And it brought me to a straightforward truth:


I realize now that if I am unhappy, that is completely up to me. I am the only one that can fix it, and only with a change in my lifestyle and my attitude. I’m making a movement to declutter and simplify my small world.

The first thing I have done is rid myself of unnecessary possessions. I was surprised at how much these “things” were disturbing my life. I’ve thrown away and donated so many bags of things, some constantly in my eyesight, disrupting my concentration, and some so far away from my daily life that it was just plain ridiculous to own. I scaled back my wardrobe to contain only items I have worn in the past year. My space seems barren now that so many objects have disappeared. I feel so much lighter. Never did I realize what a burden these things were on my life.

I am far from done with even this first small step- but it has already dramatically impacted my outlook.

As I removed all of the garbage from my life, I found that I began to wonder why I ever collected so much in the first place. Why do these things matter to me? What value did these things give my life? Have they helped me in anyway? And the most important question of “Did they make me happier?”

And of course they didn’t. And once I recognized this, I began to find it easier to withdrawl myself from the lure of commercial goods. The empty promises found in billboard and magazine advertisements hold a little less draw. I mean, I’m definitely far from removed, but I am making small strides with each day.

And now left with only things that bring me happiness (my books, music, clothes I wear, art supplies, ect…) I’ve found more room in my mind to search for things that will make me content. The open space gives more room for inspiration to come in. And the space in my mind opens me to thoughts of substance.

I am so eager to continue my journey to minimizing my life, waking each day with new ideas of how to improve myself and my surroundings.  I’ll be posting the next step soon for the curious hearted ❤



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