The Face of God

Spin around the Sycamore

we dance and never Stop

and dusk falls on our mountain top.

the sky meets with the Earth

as we look towards the East

The Voices in my head

lay quietly at rest.

Behold the grace in my lover’s eyes

That would make a blind man weep

Grass between our toes

bleeds with Green and Stains our Feet-

in name of Mother Earth

in name of all that’s Free

as we dance I Beg you

“please darling look not away from me”

a wolf howls head up to the moon

for a baby she left breathless

and tears flow down our cheeks.

We whisper in the dark

And I ask You

“darling will you Hold my Waist?

while I lean Over this cliff

and look at the world Face to Face?”

Together we dance

right off the edge




to meet with darkness of night

we spin far away from Sight.




We fall with Icarus

and all those who fell from Grace




We plunge deep into the ocean

and see the Face of God.

and as we stare upon the Father

we dance and never Stop.

scan0002 (1)

A Sycamore created by my lovely boyfriend. So simple and beautiful


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