Phantasmic Music and the Harbor at Night

Aviary Photo_130177215538198016

Last night I went with some of my friend’s to an event held periodically throughout the Summer called Party at the Pointe. Held by the beautiful harbor, the event features local bands, drinks, food, and a beach breeze. Two bands played last night, Fowler’s Mustache, and Stop Light Observation. Both were good, but we came to see Stop Light Observation. I had seen them in concert once, before I ever knew anything about them, and since then I’ve fallen in love with their sound. For now they visit mostly local venues (although they did play at Bonnaroo). However, their music is universally beautiful in the way that it is undeniable that they will receive larger attention. It is so interesting watching this little band grow and branch out from their local roots.

Aviary Photo_130177213121843850

For those interested, check out their song Circadian Rhythm.

Aviary Photo_130177212885213300

Aviary Photo_130177212636447317

I feel like the best way to judge a band’s raw talent is by the quality of their live performances. And I’m not talking about their stage presence, or confidence, just the power of their music. Whether they aim to make you break out dancing, fall into tears, or gently sway to the rhythm, if they can move you with their performances, then that has to be talent.

Aviary Photo_130177212282529960

Aviary Photo_130177213762077417

After the concert was over, we took a walk down the harbor. Rows and rows of luxuriou boats of all types and sizes. The sailboats were the most stunning, but they were all gorgeous. Walking among them, I found myself yearning to know what it felt like to spend the night layed out among the stars as the waves pushed me forward. I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to live a nomadic life, anchoring down in one place for a time, and then moving on when the adventures of that location had run their course.

Aviary Photo_130177214315154370


I think that’s on the bucket list now…even if I can’t ever buy a boat like that, just to rent one or something. I love the idea of an adventure that way.

Aviary Photo_130177214960942857



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