Not That Different After All? (The Collective Unconscious) (All Part of the Fabric)

One of my first entries upon starting this blog was written about the afterlife, religion, and divine presence in the Universe. In it I stated my ideas that all people are individual pieces of the divine being, that somehow our souls are strung together like a web, keeping both the Universe and ourselves afloat.

The idea of a “Collective Unconscious” in a way validates these simple musings I recorded without intent. If you are unfamiliar with the Collective Unconscious, I’ll attempt to explain this as simplistically as I can.

I think, it would be best communicated with an image. Imagine a stream. This stream runs through the mind of every human being that exists, has existed, or will exist in the future. We can’t purposefully wade in this stream, we don’t run to the riverside and purse our lips to take a drink from its waters. Instead it runs through us, slowly and gently so that we don’t feel its existence. The Collective unconscious is a stream of knowledge, symbols, archetypes, that are universal to all human beings. These symbols have been repeated through generations, across the globe, in cultures with no connection, and in every time period.

So while we each have our own personal consciousness, we also have an impersonal, global unconscious mind. The archetypes that are within the stream of the Collective Unconscious are what makes stories and films universally appreciated, and gives us what we call “clichés”, stories, and characters that are repeatedly told and universally understood.

So does an idea like the Collective Unconscious support a divine spirit? Does it support the idea of an eternal consciousness? Somehow to me, it seems to fit right into my blueprint of the Universe. All minds flowing together to create a single living deity, a profound truth, eternal companionship. How alone are we really?



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