Purifying Your Relationships (The Anima and the Animus) Step three

animus anima


This post is a continuation of my last post on the Collective Unconscious, but also on my path to a simple lifestyle.

One of Carl Jung’s main archetypes, and among the most influential on a person’s subconscious, is that of the Anima and Animus.

The anima is the feminine energy that resides in a man, and the animus is the masculine energy within a woman. These two forces represent the duality of mankind, the universe, and gender roles.Consisting of  feminine energy, the anima uses the forces of compassion, gentility, and creativity. The animus on the other hand, uses strength, charisma, bravery, and wisdom.

So how do these ideas play into our love relationships? Ever heard the term opposites attract?

Well, its possible that all men are searching out their anima, and in doing so, are projecting that part of themselves on  to the woman of their desire. And all women are searching for their animus, and projecting their own masculine energy on to the man.

It is this projection of inner energy that causes a lot of miscommunications in relationships. Ever heard a friend experiencing relationship turmoil exasperatedly state that “They just aren’t the same person they were when we fell in love?”

There is a reason this is such an overassumed saying. Because we are projecting our own Anima/Animus on to our partner’s we are not seeing them for their true selves. Now this process is entirely natural, the projection is allowing us to reach self individualization and realization. Without this process, we could never realize what we are, and what is lacking within ourselves.

It takes time for a relationship to get past this stage, and it is true some people never do. Some are always stuck in their ego, constantly reviewing their relationships in terms of themselves and their benefits,and not in terms of an actual relationship that connects two individuals.

But after the two people have recognized who they are, the projection stops, and the masks come off. At this point in time, we are able to discover the person we have standing in front of us. And sometimes, we find that they are strong in all that we are weak, and the collaboration can be one of truthful synchronicity.

I confess, I am still in the process of self realization. This makes my relationship at time rocky and unstable. It causes a ridge in us, that I am far from complete in recognizing myself. But I am actively searching for myself. Just as my partner is searching for himself. I am working on becoming aware of my position in my journey to find my soul. Being aware of what is storming within us, allows us to place our relationship out of that context. Each day I find myself learning new things about both myself, and my partner. One of the hardest things to do is to become both individual people while growing together. But that is also so important. Recognize your own duality and only then can you completely accept the complexities of another person.

“Love is a mutual self-giving which ends in self recovery.” -Fulton J. Sheen


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