Minimizing My Life- One step Forward and Two Steps Back?

The hardest front of any battle in the mental one. A mind can wage a brutal, soul shredding, fight. I’m in the process of a lifestyle change. My goal has been to “simplify”. Such a broad goal allows for change in so many aspects of my life. I can simplify my possessions, my online presence, my daily activities, my diet, my home, or my mental state. Setting a broad goal for yourself is good. Strict rules are often broken. A larger goal with small steps along the way allows for a greater sense of change, not just picking at the small stuff.

In downsizing my life, I have become much more self-reflective. I oftentimes find myself contemplating my actions throughout the day. In simplifying, it is possible that I have become a more harsher, and also more accurate judge of my own character.

But with all of the progress I have made, I still am holding out on my own potential. Anger is corrosive. No matter how much we tell ourselves not to do something, we end up back in the same place we started. Trying to eliminate the negative emotions from my life is a harder process than I foresaw. It takes intense willpower to change the way you think of our situation. It is proving and important lesson to me to be able to forgive myself for small slip ups. It is such a long process, to find yourself. And it isn’t a process that you can ride like a gentle river. It’s a sea, sometimes your sailing along peacefully, but it is assured that you will encounter harsh waves as well that will rock you down to your core.

Our culture seems built around the idea of instant gratification. Once upon a time, if you wanted to hear from a loved one far away, you waited weeks for a handwritten letter, one that the writer sat for an hour or more laboriously and carefully choosing his words. Now, we open our phone and click a few buttons “How r u?”. Getting what we want immediately has become ingrained into everything we do. Instead of seeking out self improvement with long term plans, we look for cheap escapes (such as miracle dieting pills). How challenging it is for the people of the modern world to commit! Instead of looking for an easy way to achieve fast results, take the long laborious road, the end result will be richer and deeper.

It is often said that the journey is the destination. It could be an adventure were it not for the trials and tribulations that occur along the way. The journey to self realization is one of the most honest, and testing journeys that we go through in our lives. Don’t cheat yourself. You have no limitations.


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